Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar (BS-17) in Board of Revenue & Ushar Dept 2020

Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar (BS-17) in Board of Revenue & Ushar Dept 2020.

Page number in a document in MS Word can be inserted at:

A) Header

B) Footer

C) Both A and B

D) None of these

For years, athletes from France have been completely ……. at all international games; now they are ……

A) Unsuccessful – Successful

B) Afraid – timid

C) Aggressive – overabundant

D) Indulgent – exciting

Bring to an end:

A) Hurt

B) Hustle

C) Final

D) Finish

One who sacrifices his life for a cause:

A) Solider

B) Revolutionary

C) Martyr

D) Patriot

A person who pretends to have more knowledge than he really has:

A) Renegade

B) Apostle

B) Charlatan

D) Hedonist

To come as a settler into another country:

A) Alternate

B) Emigrate

C) Migrate

D) Immigrate

People at a lecture or concert:

A) Congregation

B) Audience

C) Mob

D) Spectators

A person who gives written testimony for use in a law court:

A) Deponent

B) Appellant

C) Witness

D) Litigant

Equal in rank, merit or quality:

A) Chum

B) Contemporary

C) Peer

D) Colleague

One who is neither intelligent nor dull:

A) Tolerable

B) Commoner

C) Mediocre

D) Diligent

Choose the most appropriate word: Something which is not thorough or profound.

A) Superficial

B) Superstitious

C) Superfluous

D) Supernatural

The factor to be tested must be defined exactly, Then ……. groups are set up:

A) Five

B) Four

C) Three

D) Two

The purpose of a …… is to test a belief or opinion concerning human behavior in a given situation or under given conditions:

A) Phycological behavior

B) Phycological experiment

C) Phycological period

D) Phycological influence

……. measuring instruments, are in effect, questionnaires administered to select individuals under proscribed conditions:

A) Standardized

B) Prescribed

C) Objective

D) Subjective

A study especially a ……. conducted to a small selected school system yields conclusions that apply adequately in that solution:

A) Special experiment

B) Learning experiment

C) Research experiment

D) Physical experiment

In order to test the education system:

A) Teacher training program are designed

B) Educational planning is exercised

C) Examination system is introduced

D) Resources are provided

The process of guidance & Counseling is:

A) An organized educative process

B) A continuous educative process

C) Is a process of solving particular problems

D) A organized and continuous education process

The central point of guidance:

A) Is the problem of an individual

B) Is a particular problem of an individual

C) Is the self of an individual

D) Is the relationship of an individual with others

The dull children require:

A) Directive counseling

B) Non-Directive counseling

C) Clinical counseling

D) Cognitive counseling

Truancy is:

A) Some students run away from the school

B) Some students steal pencil, books, pens & other articles from their classmates

C) Both A & B

D) None these

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) is a term commonly used in:

A) General education

B) Islamic education

C) Special education

D) None of these

Currency of Bhutan is:

A) Ngultrum

B) Dollar

C) Mark

D) Pound

Currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is:

A) Dollar

B) Marka

C) Rial

D) Pound   

Mention the Capital of Argentine:

A) Buenos Aires

B) Hague

C) Barcelona

D) None of these

India’s Operation Eagle was designed against:

A) Pakistan

B) Sikhs

C) Sri Lanka

D) None of these

The Monroe Doctrine was intended to:

A) Safeguard peace in Europe

B) Enforce freedom of Navigation in the high Seas

C) Safeguard American interest

D) None of these

Ten Downing Street is related to whom?

A) British Prime Minister’s official residence

B) British Queen official residence

C) Defence Secretariat of UK

D) Secretariat of Commonwealth

British Prime Minister at the outbreak of World War II was:

A) Churchill

B) Chamberlain

C) Baldwin

D) Atlee

Which of the following currencies has the highest value in terms of rupees?

A) Yen

B) Dollar

C) Mark

D) Pound

Doctrine of Lapse is associated with:

A) Lord Dalhousie

B) Lord Cornwallis

C) Lord Ripon

D) None of these

Who is considered the founder of the British Empire in India?

A) Lord Cornwallis

B) Warren Hastings

C) Lord Clive

D) Sir Thomas Roe

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