Pak Study MCQS Set-8 (CSS FPSC IBA )

Pak Study MCQS Set-8 for preparation. ( PPSC FPSC NTS ) Gashoo Lake is located in___? A. PunjabB. Khyber PakhtunkhwaC. KashmirD. Gilgit Baltistan APWA was founded by ___? A. Lady Muhammad ShafiB. Fatima JinnahC. Begum Rana Liaquat Ali KhanD. Razia Sultana Family Planning was introduced in Pakistan in the year ___? A. 1973B. 1965C. 1970D. … Read more

Pak Study MCQs Set-1 ( MCQs PPSC OTS )

Pak Study MCQs Set-1 for preparation. ( CSS FPSC SPSC ) Who was the first female ambassador of Pakistan? A. Ra’ana Liaqat Ali khanB. Asma JahangirC. Tehmina KharD. Hina Jilani What official name was given to Pakistan in Constitution? A. United States of PakistanB. Republic Of PakistanC. Islamic PakistanD. Islamic Republic of Pakistan Pakistan’s National … Read more

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