Pak Study MCQS SET-3

Pak Study MCQS SET-3 FOR preparation.

Which of the following movie was the first colorful movie of Pakistan?

A. Pharee
B. Sungum
C. Teri yad
D. None of these

Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq became the ____ President of Pakistan.

A. Fourth
B. Fifth
C. Sixth
D. Seventh

When Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq take oath as President of Pakistan?

A. 23 March 1985
B. 25 March 1985
C. 23 March 1986
D. 24 March 1986

When Muhammad khan Junejo take oath as PM of Pakistan?

A. 21 March 1983
B. 22 March 1984
C. 23 March 1985
D. 24 March 1986

The concept of acting in aid of civil power by the armed forces has been laid down in the constitution of Pakistan‚ 1973 vide.

A. Article 243
B. Article 245
C. Article 270
D. Article 275

He was the only Muslim to oppose Objectives Resolution in the Assembly:

A. Main Iftikar-ud-Din
B. Mumtaz Doltana
C. Ayub Khoro
D. Abdullah Haroon

What is the name of the Gate which is inaugurated in December 2016 at Pak Iran border in Taftan?

A. Peace Gate
B. Iran Gate
C. Friendship Gate
D. Pakistan Gate

Which Prime Minister of India first used the popular Slogan “Gharibi Hattao”?

A. Indira Gandhi
B. Pandit Nehru
C. Lal Bahadur Shastri
D. Rajiv Gandhi

When Pakistan Railways was established?

A. 1860
B. 1861
C. 1862
D. 1863

When was Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) founded?

A. April 1, 1924
B. July 4, 1935
C. July 1, 1940
D. June 1, 1950

When did Nadra was established?

A. March 10, 1999
B. March 10, 2000
C. March 10, 2002
D. March 10, 2004

When was Majlis Khadam-e-Kaba founded?

A. 1913
B. 1914
C. 1915
D. 1916

Who was the head of Simla Deputation?

A. Lord Wavell
B. Sir Agha Khan
C. Allama Iqbal
D. Claude Auchinleck

When Bengal was partitioned?

A. 1862
B. 1863
C. 1905
D. 1908

When Hindi-Urdu Controversy started?

A. 1862
B. 1863
C. 1865
D. 1867

When Islamia College Railway Road was established?

A. 1890
B. 1892
C. 1894
D. 1896

When Anjuman Himayat Islam founded?

A. September 1884
B. October 1884
C. September 1885
D. November 1885

When was Parathna Brahmoo Founded?

A. March 20, 1828
B. June 20, 1828
C. August 20, 1828
D. September 20, 1828

When was Parathna Samaj Founded?

A. March 27, 1866
B. March 31, 1866
C. March 27, 1867
D. March 31, 1867

Who was the founder of Parathna Samaj?

A. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
C. Atmaram Pandurang
D. Sita Mand Agnihotri

Who was the founder of Brahmoo Samaj?

A. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
B. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
C. Atama Ray Pand Ring
D. Sita Mand Agnihotri

When Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established Indian Patriotic Association?

A. 1887
B. 1888
C. 1889
D. 1890

Who established Indian Patriotic Association?

A. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
B. Allama Iqbal
C. Shibli Nomani
D. Dayananda Saraswati

When Indian National Congress was formed?

A. December 25, 1884
B. December 28, 1884
C. December 25, 1885
D. December 28, 1885

When British Indian Association was formed?

A. October 23, 1851
B. October 25, 1851
C. October 29, 1851
D. None of these

When Mohammedan Educational Conference was formed?

A. 1885
B. 1886
C. 1887
D. 1888

Pakistan took first structure adjustment package from IMF during the regime of_____ in the year 1958:

A. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
B. Ayub Khan
C. Gen Yahya Khan
D. Muhammad Ali Bogra

By which amendment Article 58-2B remove from constitution?

A. 17th
B. 18th
C. 19th
D. 20th

Pakistan get first-ever loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) in:

A. 1949
B. 1950
C. 1952
D. 1954

The length of Quetta-Taftan Railway line is:

A. 523 km
B. 600 km
C. 732 km
D. 864 km

Who was the first chief election commissioner of Pakistan?

A. Sardar Muhammad Yousaf
B. Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan
C. F. M. Khan
D. Sunil Arora

Sir Syed Ahmad Shaheed wrote Sirat-i-Mustaqim in ____.

A. 1818
B. 1838
C. 1948
D. 1958

The Pakistan ‘s Resolution was supported by Sir Abdullah Haroon from the province of ___.

A. Punjab
B. Sindh
C. Balochistan

Pakistan National Movement was established by Ch. Rehmat Ali in ____.

A. 1928
B. 1929
C. 1930
D. 1933

The Pakistan Resolution was moved on _____.

A. 21 March, 1939
B. 23 March, 1939
C. 21 March, 1940
D. 23 March, 1940

Lahore Resolution was also known as ____.

A. Pakistan’s Resolution
B. Aligarh Movement
C. Tahrik Pakistan
D. Azad Pakistan

Maulana Zafar Ali supported Pakistan’s Resolution from the province of ___.

A. Punjab
B. Sindh
C. Balochistan

The Lahore Resolution was supported by Qazi Muhammad Isa from the province of ___.

A. Punjab
B. Sindh
C. Balochistan

The khaksar Tharik was established by Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi in ___.

A. 1928
B. 1929
C. 1930
D. 1931

The Boundary line between India and Pakistan demarcated by Sir Cyril Radcliffe is called ____.

A. McMahon Line
B. Line of Actual Control
C. Durand Line
D. Radcliffe line

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