Sub Inspector Past Paper 2019 MCQs

Sub Inspector Past Paper 2019 MCQs for preparation.

Which is the outcome of the first joint meeting of Indian National Congress and All India Muslim League____?

  1. Lucknow pact
  2. Delhi proposals
  3. Quit India Movement
  4. None of the above

Who signed the Pak-Sino Boundary treaty 1963 from Pakistan?

  1. Manzoor Qadir
  2. Sir Zafarullah
  3. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
  4. Gen Ayub Khan

What is the opposite of “Frailty”__?

  1. Energy
  2. Intensify
  3. Strength
  4. None of the above

Who was the first president of All India Muslim League_____?

  1. Sir Agha Khan
  2. Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk
  3. Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan
  4. None of the above

The headquarters of International Court of Justice (ICJ) is located in _____?

  1. New York
  2. Washington
  3. Geneva
  4. Hague

Pakistan first issued national identity card ?

  1. 1947
  2. 1956
  3. 1962
  4. 1973

Indus River originates from?

  1. Ladakh
  2. Tibet
  3. Jammu
  4. Kashmir

Which United States State is called Silicon Valley?

  1. Huston
  2. California
  3. Illinois
  4. Washington

Hajj is obligatory on Muslims?

  1. Every muslim
  2. Old ones
  3. Women
  4. Those who can afford

Saum (fasting) is resembled in Hadith with a:

  1. Strong wall
  2. House
  3. Shield
  4. Castle

No action in Islam is accepted without:

  1. Zakaat
  2. Tauheed
  3. Sadaqa
  4. Recitaton

Heart of a Muslim becomes black as mentioned in Hadith Nabvee when:

  1. He leaves Fajar prayer
  2. He leaves Asar prayer
  3. He leaves Esha prayer
  4. He leaves three timed consecutively Juma prayer

Salat to supplicate for rain is called:

  1. Janaza
  2. Estisqaa
  3. Eid prayer
  4. Congragational

Alfred Adler proposed that humans are motivated by:

  1. Empathic understanding
  2. Conscious drives
  3. Neurotic needs
  4. Social urges of superiority and inferiority

The number of people/square kilometer of land is classified as:

  1. Housing density
  2. Population density
  3. Society density
  4. Population intensity
  5. None of these

Who is the current permanent representative of Pakistan to United Nations?

  1. Maleeha Lodhi
  2. Munir Akram
  3. Javed Ghani
  4. None of the above

The most appropriate synonym of APPREHEND is:

  1. Stop
  2. Understand
  3. Shiver
  4. Contrast
  5. All of these

The programs that control and manage the basic operations of a computer are generally referred to as system software. Which of the following types of programs are typically included in system software?

  1. Utility Programs
  2. Software Development Tools
  3. Game Programs
  4. Both A and B
  5. Both B and C

The United Nations was founded in:

  1. San Francisco
  2. New York
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Chicago

Each social institution contributing a social stability in a society is called as?

  1. symbolic interaction
  2. Functionalism
  3. conflict perspective
  4. Macro perspective

All communication with outside world has been cut___.

  1. Out
  2. Away
  3. Down
  4. Off

Agriculture is the:

  1. Neo-modern activity
  2. Oldest occupation
  3. Regular activity
  4. Popular profession

Read the following passage and answer the questions. Seven people, Sajid, Tariq, Umber. Vaneeza, Waleed, Zanib, and Yusra, are riding the late train home after work. They all leave the train at different stops, according to the following conditions: Sajid leaves the train before Umber. Vaneeza and Tariq both leave after Umber. Waleed leaves the train third. QUESTION: Which of the following could be the order in which passage leaves the train, from first to last?

  1. Sajid, Zanib, Waleed, Vaneeza, Yusra, Umber, Tariq
  2. Zanib, Sajid, Waleed, Umber, Yusra, Tariq, Vaneeza
  3. Tariq, Zanib, Waleed, Sajid, Umber, Yusra, Vaneeza
  4. Yusra, Sajid, Umber, Vaneeza, Tariq, Waleed, Zainab

Read the following passage and answer the questions. Seven people, Sajid, Tariq, Umber. Vaneeza, Waleed, Zanib, and Yusra, are riding the late train home after work.

  1. Sajid, Tariq, Umber
  2. Tariq, Umber, Vaneeza
  3. Sajid, Tariq, Umber,
  4. Tariq, Umber, Vaneeza, Waleed

Read the following passage and answer the questions. Seven people, Sajid, Tariq, Umber. Vaneeza, Waleed, Zanib, and Yusra, are riding the late train home after work. They

  1. Tariq
  2. Umber
  3. Vaneeza
  4. Zanib

QUESTION: All the following could be the order in which the passengers leave the train from first to last, EXCEPT

  1. Sajid, Zanib, Waleed, Umber, Yusra, Vaneeza, Tariq
  2. Yusra, Sajid, Waleed, Zanib, Varneeza, Tariq, Umber
  3. Zanib, Yusra, Waleed, Sajid, Umber, Tariq,
  4. None of these

Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that express in the original pair in capitals: 1. Wick: Candle

  1. Lead: Pencil
  2. Thread: wool
  3. Light: Darkness
  4. Quick: Rapid

Sociologist employ primary perspectives?

  1. Five
  2. Four
  3. Three
  4. Two

The word sociology was coined by?

  1. Marx
  2. Auguste comte
  3. Durkheim
  4. Spencer

Two of the notebooks_______ Musa had lost on the bus were returned to the main desk at his room.

  1. What
  2. Who
  3. Which
  4. Whose

If the operations in a transaction do not modify the database but only retrieve the data, what does this transaction called?

  1. Read Write Transaction
  2. Read only Transaction
  3. Consistent Transaction
  4. Isolated Transaction

Which of the following correlation coefficient indicates the weakest relationship between two variable?

  1. 0.51
  2. 0.07
  3. -0.38
  4. -1.00

Which of the following is NOT a cereal Crop?

  1. Cotton
  2. Wheat
  3. Rice
  4. Corn

Which of the following latent functions among the defined human functions by Robert Merton?

  1. Easily apparent
  2. Intension or obvious
  3. Unintentional and not obvious
  4. Visible

which of the following is the study of society social interaction patterns of social relationships and culture of everyday life?

  1. Anthropology
  2. Archaeology
  3. Sociology
  4. Human geography

Which of the following terms is not associated with psychoanalysis?

  1. Free association
  2. Dream analysis
  3. Self-actualization
  4. Hypnosis

The warm Gulf Stream originating in the North Atlantic Ocean carries about 150 times more water than the:

  1. Nile River
  2. Danube River
  3. Mississippi River
  4. Amazon River

About 78% of the planet Earth is composed of ___ rocks.

  1. Igneous
  2. Sedimentary
  3. Metamorphic
  4. Stratigraphy

Professor Carl Sauer, the famous Human Geographer belonged to:

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. UK
  5. none of these

When North Korea tested a thermonuclear weapon for the first time?

  1. 2015
  2. 2016
  3. 2017
  4. 2018
  5. None of these

Read the following passage and answer the questions accordingly. GROUP I, GROUP II. GROUP III and GROUP IV are four different categories of students distinguished according to their hobbies and interests, such that: GROUP I and GROUP II like novels and Painting. GROUP III and GROUP IV like Poetry and Drama. GROUP II and GROUP III like Drama and novels. GROUP I and GROUP IV like Painting and Poetry. Question: which group/s like(s) Poetry, novels and Painting?

  3. GROUP I

The first political thinker to present the theory of sovereignty and absolute royal power to suppress the Anarchy was?

  1. Harold Laski
  2. Johan Locke
  3. Thomas Hobbes
  4. Jean Bodln

The German sociologist to study the role and place of Bureaucracy in modern state and society is?

  1. Martin Heidegger
  2. Max weber
  3. Max Horkheimer
  4. Karl max

The Greek word Demos from which the term Democracy originated means?

  1. The Sovereign
  2. The People
  3. The Rule
  4. The Constitution

The name of lower House of Russian federation legislature is?

  1. Supreme soviet
  2. Federation council
  3. State duma
  4. House of representative

who among the following was the geopolitical thinker who give the heartland theory predicted that the ruler of east europe will control the world?

  1. Sir Helford Mackinder
  2. Karl Haushofer
  3. Isaiah bowman
  4. Friedrich Ratzel

Motivation starts with an individual’s:

  1. Need
  2. Emotion
  3. Arousal
  4. Hyper Arousal

A criminal is harassed and tortured until he confesses. This is an example of:

  1. Positive reinforcement
  2. Punishment
  3. Positive Punishment
  4. Negative reinforcement

The normal Cycle of erosion ideally ends up in the formation of a:

  1. Outwash plain
  2. Peneplain
  3. Coastal plain
  4. Abyssal plain

The early human settlements were built on:

  1. River Valleys
  2. Hilly Areas
  3. Plateau
  4. Semi-arid plain

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