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#1. In MS Word Page down shortcut key?

#2. What is the shortcut key to copy the text?

#3. Which is the Shortcut key to apply the Normal style?

#4. In MS Word 2016, 'watermark' option is available in:

#5. Minim and maximum font size in MS Word:

#6. What is the default font used in MS Word Document -2007 and Later Versions?

#7. This display the positioning of text, tabs, margin, indents, and other elements on the page:

#8. The default language of Microsoft Word is:

#9. Which one is not an Image file?

#10. In MS-Word Home key moves the cursor to the?

Fundamental MS Word MCQs with Answers for all competitive exams preparation online. All these important ms word mcq questions and answers are repeatedly asked in previous papers. MCQs for ms word in this test include ms office shortcut keys and mcqs related to use of word document.


Microsoft word document is an essential part of daily office work. Due to the excessive use of MS word document, it becomes an important part of jobs screening test. In this article of ms word mcqs, we include all the basic ms word mcqs that could be part of your next test.

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