General Knowledge Set-12

General Knowledge Set-12 for preparation. ( ASF OTS MCQs )

Richter Scale is used to measure?

A. Water Depth
B. Earthquake
C. Mountain
D. Flood

The ICC Cricket Hall of Fame was launched on?

A. 2 April 2010
B. 2 January 2009
C. 2 March 2009
D. 2 February 2011

Urdu-Hindi controversy began in Banaras in which year?

A. 1869
B. 1860
C. 1867
D. 1862

The city of Bonn is Located in which of the following country?

A. England
B. Germany
C. Egypt
D. China

World’s 4th largest island is?

A. Ireland
B. Madagascar
C. Honshu
D. Java

Which of the following republic has the 11 official languages?

A. Republic of South Africa
B. Republic of Ethiopia
C. Republic Bolivarian
D. None of these

On which date Egypt became the member of United Nations?

A. 24 October 1945
B. 24 November 1945
C. 24 October 1945
D. 24 August 1947

United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) it was established on?

A. 5 September 1949
B. 3 November 1949
C. 3 December 1949
D. 8 December 1949

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) was established on?

A. 10 December 1963
B. 11 December 1963
C. 12 December 1963
D. 13 December 1963

Which sea is the smallest sea of the world?

A. Baltic Sea 
B. Red Sea
C. Dead Sea
D. Caribean Sea

Which country is the world‘s largest democracy?

A. China
B. America
C. India
D. Japan

Yellow Sea located between which of the following two countries?

A. America and Canada
B. England and France
C. China and Korea 
D. Norway and Sweden

Which country invented the Rickshaw?

A. Pakistan
B. Japan
C. Germany
D. India

Which one of the following is the largest island in the EUROPE?

A. Iceland
B. Great Britain
C. Sicily
D. Cyprus

Which one of the following is the largest island in the USA?

A. Hawaii, Hawaii
B. Kodiak, Alaska
C. Chichagof, Alaska
D. Long Island, NY

Which one of the following is the largest Island in the world?

A. New Guinea
B. Greenland
C. Sumatra
D. Madagascar

What is the total Area(in square kilometers) Cuba island (largest Island in the Caribbean Sea)?

A. 11,188
B. 76,479
C. 105,806
D. 107,807

Which one of the following is the largest Island in the Caribbean Sea?

A. Puerto Rico
B. Hispaniola
C. Jamaica
D. Cuba

Where “Tugela Falls” is located?

A. United States
B. Venezuela
C. South Africa
D. Peru

The world’s Second highest waterfall is _____________.

A. Tugela Falls
B. Tres Hermanas Falls
C. Angel Falls
D. Olo’upena Falls

The world’s highest waterfall “Angel Falls” is located in _____________.

A. United States
B. Venezuela
C. South Africa
D. Peru

Which one is the highest waterfall in the world?

A. Olo’upena Falls
B. Tres Hermanas Falls
C. Tugela Falls
D. Angel Falls

The highest waterfall in India is __________.

A.  Jog falls
B. Kunchikal falls
C. Nohkalikai falls
D. Nohsngithiang Falls

The highest waterfall in Europe is __________.

A. Stuibenfall
B. Mardalsfossen
C. Staubbach Falls
D. Krimml

The body of water which separates Saudi Arabia from Africa is ________.

A. Caribean Sea
B. Mediterranean sea
C. Red sea 
D. Arabian Ocean

The straits separate Asia from Africa is ___________.

A. Bering Strait
B. Bab-ul-Mandab
C. Bosphorus Strait
D. Both A and C

The Second largest news agency of the world is ___________.

A. Agence France-Presse
B. Reuters
C. Associated Press
D. Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union

Where “Masjid Zu Qiblatain” located?

A. Arafat
B. Muzdalifah
C. Madina
D. Makkah

The “Suez Canal” is situated in __________.

A. Jordan
B. Libya
C. Egypt 
D. None of these

The Delaware river is located in __________ .

A. United States 
B. Canada
C. China
D. United Kingdom

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