General Knowledge Set-11

General Knowledge Set-11 for preparation.

Which of the following the Quran considers as an unpardonable sin?

A. Lie
B. Jealousy
C. Shirk
D. Hypocrisy

East Pakistan is the old name of which of the following country?

A. Myanmar
B. Chad
C. Bangladesh
D. Indonesia

On which date Brazil became the member of United Nations?

A. 24 September 1945
B. 24 October 1945
C. 24 August 1945
D. 26 October 1945

United Nations Disaster Relief Office (UNDRO) was established on?

A. 14 December 1971
B. 14 December 1966
C. 15 November 1971
D. 15 December 1960

Which Country has no words in its “National Anthem”?

A. Spain
B. Denmark
C. America
D. Thailand

Which country has the “Oldest National Flag”?

A. Japan
B. France
C. England
D. Denmark

Which of the following country is the Oldest Anthem in the world?

A. Japan 
B. Russia
C. India
D. Australia

After USA which country is the biggest arms exporter in the world?

A. Germany
B. India
C. China
D. Russia

“Mast Tawakli” was poet of ______.

A. Urdu
B. Pushto
C. Balochi 
D. Sindhi

SCOUT established by Robert Baden-Powell on ____ in Paris, France.

A. March 1922
B. April 1922
C. June 1922
D. July 1922

Security Council consists of _____ members(countries).

A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) consist of ____ countries.

A. 188
B. 189
C. 190
D. 191

Who is the current president of Asian Development Bank?

A. Kristalina Georgiev
B. Sandie Okoro
C. Haruhiko Kuroda
D. Takehiko Nakao

Where Head Quarter of “Asian Development Bank” is located in?

A. San Juan, Philippines
B. Calabarzon, Philippines
C. Metro Manila, Philippines
D. Central Luzon, Philippines

“TASS” news agency of ______.

A. America
B. Russia
C. Germany
D. Israel

Cathy pacific is ______.

A. Airline
B. Sea
C. Book
D. Ocean

Which Airline is the Largest Airline of Afghanistan?

A. Bakhtar Afghan Airlines
B. Safi Airlines
C. Khyber Afghan Airlines
D. Ariana Afghan Airlines

Bakhtar is the news agency of which country?

A. Iraq
B. Turkey
C. Russia
D. Afghanistan 

Which of the following country is the highest per capita income among SAARC?

A. India
B. Pakistan
C. Bangladesh
D. Sri Lanka

Which country has highest literacy rate among SAARC?

A. Bhutan
B. India
C. Sri Lanka
D. Maldives

Which country is the largest Muslim country by population in Africa?

A. Niger
B. Egypt
C. Nigeria
D. Senegal

In Which country Amazon Rainforest is located?

A. Russia
B. America
C. Brazil
D. Australia

Which forest is the smallest Rainforest in the world?

A. Bukit Nanas 
B. Temperate
C. Cairns
D. Both A and B

Which forest is the largest Rainforest in the world?

A. Valdivian
B. Congo
C. Amazon
D. Tongass

Which of the following country has largest forest area in the world?

A. Russia
B. Australia
C. Canada
D. Turkey

Where are artificial forest are bieng maintained in _______.

A. Naran
B. Muree
C. Changa Manga
D. Gilgit

Where is Chandka medical college located in?

A. Larkana 
B. Thatta
C. Karachi
D. None of these

Bhanbhore site is situated in district __________.

A. Peshawar
B. Chagi
C. Thar
D. Thatta

What is the tournament format of ICC champion’s trophy?

A. Round-robin
B. Groups
C. Knockout
D. Both A and C

2008 ICC Champion’s trophy will be held in _______.

A. Pakistan
B. South Africa
C. India
D. Australia

“Usama bin Ladin” is a citizen of ________.

A. Libya
B. Iraq
C. Afghanistan
D. Saudi Arabia

Radar cannot determine ________.

A. Size of object
B. Distance of object
C. Speed of object
D. The direction of motion of an object

Amber traffic light means ________.

A. Start immediately
B. Stop immediately
C. Get ready to start
D. Wait for traffic police

The total number of seats/members in the Parliament of India is _______.

A. 784
B. 787
C. 788
D. 790

There are _____ members of Rajya Sabha or Upper house of India.

A. 245
B. 247
C. 249
D. 250

How many members are there in Lok Sabha (House of the People) or the lower house?

A. 541
B. 543
C. 545
D. 547

Sheikh Hasina Wazed is the daughter of Bangladesh’s first President ________.

A. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
B. Hussain Muhammad Ershad
C. Obaidul Quader
D. None of these

Hassan Rouhani is the ______ President of Iran.

A. 6th
B. 7th
C. 8th
D. 9th

The first female president of South Korea is _________.

A. Park Geun-Hye
B. Choi Soon‑sil
C. Yuk Young-soo
D. Park Geun-ryeong

The Continent of Antarctica consists of _____ countries.

A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13

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