PPSC Deputy Director (Computer Programming) Test

Deputy Director (Computer Programming) Test for preparation.

The LANDLORD program makes use of _____ and _____.

(A) association, aggregation
(B) association, generalization
(C) aggregation, insubordination
(D) generalization, insubordination

The waterfall process is a software development process consists of distinct phases and ____ .

(A) depends on random checks 
(B) have no uniform direction 
(C) was never used 
(D) could go in only one direction

The Unified Process of software development is divided into _____ phases.

(A) 4
(B) 5
(C) 6
(D) 7

Which of the following is NOT a phase of Unified Process of software development?

(A) Inception
(B) Construction
(C) Evaluation 
(D) Transition

Which of the following phase of unified process of software development normally consists of a number of iterations?

(A) Inception
(B) Construction
(C) Elaboration
(D) Transition

What is/are attribute(s) of a good software?

(A) Software development 
(B) Software functionality
(C) Software maintainability
(D) Software functionality & maintainability

RAD Model is a software development process. RAD is an abbreviation of:

(A) Random Application Development 
(B) Rapid Application Development
(C) Random Access Deployment 
(D) Rapid Access Deployment

Which of the following model is not appropriate for accommodating a change?

(A) Build & Fix Model
(B) RAD Model 
(C) Prototyping Model
(D) Waterfall Model

The failures ranged from producing the wrong information which resulted

(A) Software crisis 
(B) System crashing 
(C) y2k problem 
(D) Quality-less software

Any program is a subset of ____.

(A) Program 
(B) Software 
(C) Manuals 
(D) Source code and object code

The ___ are the events that are used to ascertain the status of the?

(A) Deliverables
(B) Milestones
(C) Product
(D) Process 

Software makes the use of non-numerical algorithms to solve complex:

(A) Embedded software
(B) Real time software
(C) Personal computer software
(D) Artificial intelligence software

Developer are rarely motivated by seemingly arbitrary goals of achieving:

(A) External entity
(B) Customer satisfaction
(C) Higher maturity level
(D) None of these

The software designed to process business applications is called:

(A) system software
(B) embedded software
(C) real time software
(D) business software

In the dhahran attack, the system had been operating for more than:

(A) 100 hours
(B) 50 hours
(C) 70 hours
(D) 200 hours

One of the fault base testing technique is:

(A) Unit testing
(B) Beta testing
(C) Mutation testing
(D) Stress testing

Which of the following is a valid example of initializing variables, in C?

(A) num=2
(B) int num;
(C) num > 2
(D) int num = 2

Which of the following are internal qualities of a software product?

(A) Correctness, reliability, robustness, efficiency, usability
(B) Maintainability,  reusability, portability, interoperability
(C) Efficiency, usability, maintainability, reusability, portability
(D) Reusability, maintainability, reliability, robustness, efficiency

We can detect jobs facing starvation in a system using some scheme or condition. Is that scheme or condition given in the following options?

(A)  Mutual exclusion, Hold-Wait, circular Waiting and preemption
(B) Mutual exclusion and preemption
(C) Mutual exclusion
(D) None of the above

For the processor having 256 instruction, its IR will be:

(A) 9 bits
(B) 7 bits
(C) 8 bits
(D) None of the above

Which of the following connectivity devices uses logical addresses?

(A) Router
(B) Repeater
(C) Bridges
(D) None of the above

A gigabyte represents:

(A) 230 bytes
(B) 1024 bytes
(C) 1000 bytes
(D) 1 billion bytes

How does database management system differ from database?

(A) Database management system is used to control shared access to database
(B) Database management system is used to create database
(C) One and the same thing
(D) All of the above

An inverter:

(A) Changes high to low
(B) Changes low to high
(C) Performs not operation
(D) All of above

To optimize the power generation and distribution, the power factor must b equal to:

(A) Unity
(B) Greater than unity
(C) Zero
(D) Less than zero (negative value)

Henry is the unit of:

(A) Mutual inductance only
(B) Induced emf
(C) Self inductance only
(D) Both self inductance and mutual inductance

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