Technician Ministry of Defence Test Past Papers MCQs

Technician Ministry of Defence Test Past Papers MCQs for preparation.

 The current Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff is:

(A) General Raheel Shareef
(B) General Asim Munir Ahmed
(C) General Qamar Javed Bajwa
(D) General Faiz Hameed

Maximum power is transferred to load when:

(A) The load impedance is lower than the source equivalent impedance
(B) The load impedance is higher than the source equivalent impedance
(C) The load impedance is equal to the source equivalent impedance
(D) The load impedance is equal to the complex conjugate of the source equivalent impedance

Chopper control for DC motor provides variation in:

(A) Frequency
(B) In put voltage
(C) Current
(D) None of these

Fleming’s left hand rule is applicable to:

A) Alternator
(B) Transformer
(C) DC generator
(D) DC motor

An open loop system:

(A) Correct the disturbances acting on the system
(B) Must be altered manually to deal with the disturbance
(C) Respond well to incorrect system models
(D) Has a control K=1 in the close loop system

Sheath is used in the cables to:

(A) Avoid the chances of the rust on the strands
(B) Prevent the moisture from entering the cable
(C) Provide proper insulation
(D) Provide strength to the cable

If an input A is given to an inverter, the output will be:

(A) 1/A
(B) 1
(C) A’
(D) None of these 

Which of the following plants has the highest capital cost?

(A) Thermal power plant
(B) Nuclear power plant
(C) Diesel power plant
(D) Hydro power plant

If a dielectric is placed in an electric field, the field strength will:

(A) Become zero
(B) Increase
(C) remain the same
(D) Decrease

The phenomenon in which a changing current in coil induces an emf in it self is called:

(A) Self induction
(B) Mutual induction
(C) Electromagnetic induction
(D) Electrification

Unit of Inductance is?

(A) Watt
(B) Volt
(C) Henry
(D) Ohm

By connecting capacitor in parallel the total capacitance:

(A) Decreases
(B) Increases
(C) Not affected
(D) None of these

A transformer which increases the ac voltage is called ___ .

(A) Step-up transformer
(B) Step-down transformer
(C) Slip ring
(D) None of these

Rotating part of ac motor is:

(A) Ammeter
(B) Rotar
(C) Stator
(D) Armature

What is the unit of frequency?

(A) Hertz
(B) Farad
(C) Ohm
(D) Henry

Electric pressure of incoming AC supply to the houses:

(A) 110 volt
(B) 220 volt
(C) 250 volt
(D) 300 volt

n fiber optic transmission system

(A) Laser diode and LED must be in same package
(B) Laser diode and photodiode must be in same package
(C) Laser diode and photodiode are place at either end of optical fiver cable
(D) None of these

Functions of microprocessor is to:

(A) Run a memory self test program when the system is switched on
(B) store the system software
(C) Process data and generate signals necessary to central the system
(D) Store the user’s application package

Analog video signals have their spectra in the range of:

(A) Above 20 MHz
(B) Below 20 KHz
(C) Above 4.5 MHz
(D) Below 4.5 MHz

In a control block diagram, signals are represented by:

(A) No symbols, just their letters
(B) Boxes
(C) Directed lines
(D) Arrows

In digital communication, Manchester encoding is used for ___ strengthening the signal.

(A) Reduce complexity
(B) Clock recovery
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of these

A Silicon controlled rectifier is a:

(A) Voltage controlled device
(B) Current controlled device
(C) Bilateral device
(D) None of these

The force that appears as the result of the interaction between two moving charges is known as:

(A) Gravitational force
(B) Magnetic force
(C) Induced force
(D) Electro static force

In Resistor- Capacitor circuit the negative instantaneous power means:

(A) The source is dispensing the power
(B) The element is dissipating the power from the source
(C) The source is releasing the power to the circuit
(D) The element is releasing the power to the circuit

Self inductance of solenoid is:

(A) Inversely proportional to the area of cross section
(B) Inversely proportional to the number of turns
(C) Inversely proportional to its length
(D) None of these

An inverter is:

(A) Changes low to high
(B) Changes high to low
(C) Performs not operations
(D) All of these

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