SPSC Screening Test CCE 2021

SPSC Screening Test CCE 2021 for preparation. ( ARID PMS AJKPSC )

Digestion of food is completed in the:

A) Small intestine

B) Large intestine

D) Stomach

D0 None of these

A judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan shall hold office until he/she attains the age of:

A) 62 years

B) 64 years

C) 65 years

D) 68 years

Shahnama-i-Islam was written by:

A) Firdausi

B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C) Hafeez jaalundri

D) None of these

LFO stands for:

A) Legal Framework Order

B) Legal Federation Order

C) Legal Framework Ordinance

D) None of these

Choose the antonym of “Drunk”(نشے میں دهت):

A) Sober

B) Sensitive

C) Sensational

D) Sensuous

Gaddani Beach is located in:

A) Baluchistan

B) Sindh

C) Iran

D) India

Identify mistake in the following sentence: The Quaid-e- Azam founded daily newspaper Dawn

A) Quaid-e- Azam founded daily newspaper Dawn.

B) The Quaid-e- Azam found daily newspaper Dawn.

C) The Quaid-e- Azam founded newspaper Dawn.

D) The Quaid-e- Azam founded daily Dawn.

Uncodified constitution means:

A) Parliamentary constitution

B) Single book document

C) Flexible Constitution

D) None of these

Who is Emmanuel Macron?

A) President of Germany

B) Prime Minister of Germany

C) President of France

D) Prime Minister of France

“Northern Cyprus” is a disputed region between:

A) Cyprus and Malta

B) Cyprus and Italy

C) Cyprus and Greece

D) Cyprus and Turkey

Choose the correct pair of words that best completes the sense in the given sentence: The principal gave his …… to our request for a steep ……. to the top of a hill.

A) Assent, Ascent

B) Ascent, Assent

C) Accent, Assent

D) Ascent, Ascend

Complete the series: 3, 9, 27, …….

A) 81

B) 83

C) 87

D) 90

Bad laws must be:

A) Annihilated

B) Destroyed

C) Repeated

D) Finished

A complete verb paradigm has ……. Forms.

A) Three

B) Four

C) Five

D) Six

Which of the following is a Baltic state?

A) Estonia

B) Serbia

C) Romania

D) Bulgaria

Which country has inaugurated southeast Asia’s largest solar power farm?

A) China

B) India

C) Pakistan

D) Vietnam

Abbreviation e.g. means:

A) With reference to

B) As for as

C) In this regard

D) For example

A green yellow colour is seen on a boiled egg. This is due to:

A) Oxidation of some vitamins in the egg

B) Oxidation of sulphur in the egg

C) Formation of some iron compounds

D) None of these

The radiant energy of the sun is transmitted in the form of:

A) Particles

B) Short waves

C) Long waves

D) None of these

The largest living bird is:

A) Duck

B) Dodo

C) Ostrich

D) Peacock

Vacuum tubes have been replaced by:

A) Conductors

B) Dlodes

C) Transistors

D) None of these

“Chachnama” was originally written in:

A) Sindhi

B) Arabic

C) Persian

D) Sanskrit

The complete Buddhist monastery in Pakistan was found at:

A) Takht-e-Sulaiman

B) Takht-e-Hazara

C) Takht Bhai

D) Kohat and Hangu

Delhi Sultanate was established by:

A) Akbar

B) Altamush

C) Aurangzeb

D) None of these

Choose the correct Analogy of “Whisper : Speak”:

A) Brush : Touch

B) Skip : Walk

C) Listen : Hear

D) Whimper : Whine

Mirani Dam is located on river:

A) Bolan

B) Jhelum

C) Dashat

D) Hun

A person who collects or studies stamps:

A) Philanderer

B) Philologist

C) Philatelist

D) Stampede

Antarctica is situated in the:

A) Northern Hemisphere

B) Southern Hemisphere

C) Eastern Hemisphere

D) Western Hemisphere

JAXA is the space agency of:

A) United States

B) Russia

C) Japan

D) United Kingdom

The official language of NATO are:

A) English and French

B) English and German

C) English and Spanish

D) English, French and German

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