PPSC District Trainer Past Papers 12-03-2023 MCQs

PPSC District Trainer Past Papers 12-03-2023 MCQs for preparation.

Epistemology is a branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of

  1. Education
  2. Learning
  3. Knowledge
  4. None of these

The source of knowledge for Islamic education foundation based on

  1. Quran
  2. Sunnah
  3. Fiqah
  4. All of these

My father didn’t like the music ___

  1. nor am I
  2. nor I am
  3. as me
  4. None of these

A study of conducted to collect data from different groups of a population at the same time

  1. Ecological studies
  2. Clinical trials
  3. Cross sectional study
  4. Sampling strategies

The educational institutions, libraries, hospitals, and industries store the concerned information by

  1. Operating system
  2. Data management
  3. Word processing
  4. None of these

Which is the best practice control internal and external threat to validity?

  1. Sequence
  2. Analysis
  3. Randomization
  4. None of these

A test taken again from the students after little time gives the same result is ___

  1. Valid
  2. Invalid
  3. Relaible
  4. Unreliable

In a process, quantity or condition that the control alters to initiate change in the value of the regulated condition is

  1. Dependent variable
  2. Independent variable
  3. Both A & B
  4. None of these

The principle that development first start from head towards each other parts of body is

  1. Proximodistal principle
  2. Cephalocaudal principle
  3. Both A & B
  4. None of these

The main purpose of the supervisor of teaching should be the

  1. Advancement of pupil welfare
  2. Achievement of success
  3. Carrying out of the curriculum
  4. None of these

Assessment at the end of instruction is called

  1. Formative
  2. Summative
  3. Norm-referenced
  4. Confirmative

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