Political Science MCQs

Political Science mcqs compiled from CSS past papers to assist aspirants in their preparation process. These important mcqs of political science will help to crack CSS Papers and subject specialist tests in public service commission exams.

The Bolshevik movement in Russia was founded by Vladimir Lenin.

Fascism as a theory originated in Italy.

“Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by Professor Garner.

A discourse on the origin of Inequality and the social contract was presented by Rousseau.

John Locke supported the concept of natural rights.

The book which represents the scheme of Plato’s Philosophy is The Republic.

  The House of Lords is predominantly hereditary.   

The Soviet Union was established in 1917.   

The USA was founded in 1776. 

The concept of ‘Separation of Powers’ in US Constitution, was taken from Montesquieu.

The Electoral College in US comprises 538 Electors. 

Originally total number of States of USA was 13.   

The first government of US was based on the articles of Confederation.  

US constitution consists of 7 Articles. 

The first American President was George Washington.   

Total amendments in the US Constitution are 27. 

The Objective Resolution was adopted in 1949. 

“This is the parting of ways” was said by Quaid e Azam.   

Pakistan became Republic in 1956.   

Those who are active against the very existence of state are known as Anarchists. 

The tenure of French President is fixed at 5 years.   

John Locke  was more admitted by the American Founding Fathers, and his thoughts on the importance of private property were reflected in the historical development of the American Constitution.  

In Plato’s Ideal State, one reaches at the pinnacle of the State order at the age of 50.  

 Constitutional law is the supreme law of the land.

The system of ‘Basic Democracies’ was introduced by Gen. M. Ayub Khan.  

The United Kingdom has traditionally been a unitary state, governed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom in Westminster.  

“An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by John Locke.  

 Ihyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of Al Ghazali. 

 Constitution classified as rigid and flexible in a book titled “Studies in History and Jurisprudence” was written by James Bryce.   

Author of the book ‘Das Kapital’ is Karl Marx.  

The author of the book ‘Statesman’ is Plato.  

“Justice is giving everyone his due” is said by Aristotle.  

Shimla Agreement on Bilateral Relations between India and Pakistan was signed on 3 July 1972.  

The first 10 amendments in the Constitution of USA are commonly called as the ‘Bill of Rights’. 

Peoples Republic of China came into being in 1949.   

Indian President is elected by Parliament and Provincial Assemblies.  

Malaysia practices Parliamentary Democracy with Constitutional Monarchy.     

A book on statecraft namely ‘Siyasat Nama’ was written by Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi.   

A summary of Plato’s Laws was written by Al-Farabi.   

Machiavelli by birth was an Italian.  

“The Spirit of Laws” published in 1748 won great fame for Montesquieu.  

 In Hobbes’ book, the Leviathan was the name of a ‘Sea Monster‘. 

 John Austin was an English philosopher.  

Philosophy begins in wonder’ was said by Plato. 

The two treatises of government’ is the work of John Locke.  

Hobbes is a social Contractualist thinker.  

“Two treatises on civil Government” constitute the basic source of Political thought of John Locke.

Jean Jacques Rousseau was born at Geneva.   

“Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation (1789)” was written by Jeremy Bentham.   

Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India during the Indo-Pakistan War (1971). 

 Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979.  

Lord Mountbatten was the Governor General of India during the 1st Indo-Pakistan War over Kashmir in 1948.  

Muslim League was formed in 1906.  

Quaid e Azam joined Muslim League in 1913. 

Judicial review is the power of the courts of a country to examine the actions of the legislative, executive, and administrative arms of the government. 

 Plato was born in 428 B.C.  

 Felicific Calculus’ was the contribution of Jeremy Bentham.  

 John Locke supported the concept of natural rights.   

The Islamic Revolution in Iran ushered in clergy’s rule.  

 People’s Republic of China was established in 1949.  

Pakistan: The Heart of Asia was written by Liaquat Ali Khan.  

 The End of India was written by Khushwant Singh.  

Muslim Separatism in India was written by Abdul Hamid.  

The title of the Constitution of Pakistan is ‘The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’. 

 There are 280 articles in the un-amended Constitution of 1973. 

Ex-Com stands for Executive Committee.  

LFO stands for Legal Frame work Order.

 During Jimmy Carter’s tenure, Americans were kept hostages in Iran. 

Statue of Liberty was given to USA by France.  

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was the first president of Turkey from 1923 until his death in 1938. 

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