Lecturer Political Science Paper 2015

Lecturer Political Science 2015 for preparation. ( PPSC FPSC NTS )

Which political theory propounded that state will ultimately disappear?

A) Syndacatism

B) Fabian socialism

C) Fascism

D) Communism

In which year Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established the M.A.O College?

A) 1860

B) 1865

C) 1877

D) 1875

Pakistan joined Non-Aligned Movement in?

A) 1980

B) 1978

C) 1979

D) 1977

Length of the Pak-Afghan border is?

A) 2440 KM

B) 1280 KM

C) 4246 KM

D) 2252 KM

When was ‘One Unit’ established in Pakistan?

A) 1955

B) 1954

C) 1956

D) 1957

Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A) Muhammad Ali Bogra

B) Ch. Muhammad Ali

C) Khawaja Nazimuddin

D) I.I. Chundrigarh

Tashkent Declaration was signed in?

A) 1965

B) 1966

C) 1968

D) 1967

World War I started in ……?

A) 1916

B) 1915

C) 1912

D) 1914

Sir Thomas Hobbes was the exponent of?

A) Absolute Sovereignty

B) Universal Sovereignty

C) Titular Sovereignty

D) Limited Sovereignty

Who proposed Patriarchal Theory?

A) Aristotle

B) Louis XIV

C) Sir Henry Maine

D) T.H. Green

“Politics” was written by ……?

A) Thomas Hobbes

B) Aristotle

C) Plato

D) Karl Marx

The popularity of Ibn-e-Khaldun relates to which object?

A) Political Science

B) Economics

C) Sociology

D) Philosophy

Pakistan shares her eastern border with which country?

A) India

B) China

C) Iran

D) Afghanistan

When was Baluchistan given provincial status?

A) 1967

B) 1965

C) 1970

D) 1971

Indus Basin Treaty was signed in?

A) 1960


C) 1961

D) 1963

The retirement age of the Supreme Court judge is?

A) 60 Years

B) 62 Years

C) 63 Years

D) 65 Years

Life of Presidential ordinance is ……?

A) 3 Month

B) 2 Month

C) 4 Month

D) 6 Month

Objectives Resolution was passed on?

A) 23 March 1948

B) 15 March 1949

C) 12 March 1949

D) 23 March 1949

What was the total number of Princely states in the sub-continent during British Rule?

A) 565

B) 435

C) 635

D) 630Detail

Indian Independence Act was passed on?

A) 14th August 1947

B) 18th July 1947

C) 24th October 1948

D) 3rd June 1948

The Social Contract was written by ……?

A) Locke

B) Rousseau

C) Hobbes

D) Marx

Grammar of Politics was written by?

A) Laski

B) Laswell

C) Gilchrist

D) Garner

Montesquieu wrote the book?

A) Candied

B) Persian Letters

C) Discourse on Equality

D) Politics

John Locke wrote the book?

A) Leviathan

B) Two Treaties of Government

C) The Social Contract

D) Prince

In which year Cripps Mission came to India?

A) 1927

B) 1928

C) 1942

D) 1946

Under which amendment in 1990, the US suspended all economic aid and military, assistance to Pakistan?

A) Pressler

B) Brown

C) Glenn

D) Symington

The members of NAFTA are ……?

A) Mexico, Canada, US

B) US, Mexico, Brazil

C) Canada, Mexico, Britain

D) Mexico, US, BoliviaDetail

The first summit of SAARC was held in?

A) Islamabad

B) Dhaka

C) Delhi

D) Colombo

How many members SAARC has?

A) 7

B) 11

C) 8

D) 12

How many judges are members of the International Court of Justice?

A) 9

B) 12

C) 15

D) 20

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