Lecturer past Paper Psychology 2015

Lecturer past Paper Psychology 2015 for preparation. ( NTS KPPSC SPSC )

Which of the following treatments deal with phobias by gradual exposure?

A) Super ego control

B) Systematic desensitization

C) Reinforcement

D) Dreams

A feeling of apprehension or tension is:

A) Frustration

B) Panic

C) Anxiety

D) Depression

The part of personality that provides a buffer between the id and the outside world is?

A) Super ego

B) Ego

C) Ego ideal

D) None of these

Maintenance of an internal biological balance is called?

A) Instinct

B) Need

C) Homeostasis

D) None of these

A theory that states that emotions are a join result of non-specific physiological arousal and interpretation of the around is called?

A) James Lange theory of emotion

B) Two factor theory of emotion

C) Bern’s theory of emotion

D) None of these

Among people with severe mood disorder, … is most common?

A) Mania

B) Depression

C) Manic depression

D) Euphoria

The hallucination of schizophrenic are most likely to be:

A) Auditory

B) Visual

C) Tactual

D) Olfactory

Most IQ tests assess:

A) Academic motivation

B) Convergent thinking

C) Perceptual motor skills

D) Creativity

The concept of intelligence is closely related to?

A) Motivation

B) Learning

C) Perception

D) Cognition

Eidetic memory is most often found in:

A) Adults

B) Depressed adults

C) Children

D) Mentally retorted children

The concept of introversion and extroversion was advanced by:

A) Springer

B) Jung

C) Kretchmer

D) Jean

While selecting a psychological test for personnel selection, main concern regarding the test is?

A) Cost

B) Ease of administration

C) Validity

D) Objectively

The semantic differential scale is used mainly to measure:

A) Values

B) Opinions

C) Attitudes

D) Interests

Psychodynamic therapist believes that maladaptive behavior stems from?

A) Emotional trauma experienced in childhood

B) A failure to live up to one’s full potential

C) Disturbed thought patterns

D) Inappropriate learning patterns

Gradual exposure to actual feared situation is called:

A) Cognitive desensitization

B) In vivo desensitization

C) Flooding

D) Breaking of resistance

Which of the following is not a common symptom of depression?

A) Insomnia

B) Delusions

C) Poor appetite

D) Lethargy

Freud was among the first to suggest that abnormal behavior?

A) Can have a hereditary basis

B) Is not the result of demonic possession

C) Is psychology caused

D) Can result from biological factors

Learning theories explain attachment of Infants to their parents in items of:

A) Conditioning

B) Observational learning

C) The maturation of perceptual skills

D) Cognitive development

In Piaget’s theory, the first two years of life are called the …… stage?

A) Paralinguistic

B) Exploratory

C) Sensorimotor

D) Preoperational

Motor skills are largely a result of:

A) Learning

B) Maturational process

C) Practice

D) Observing other

Developmental psychologists believe that two factors that influence human development are:

A) Motivation and emotion

B) Self and others

C) Genetic make-up and experience

D) Rewards and punishments

Lifetime prevalence rate for OCD is?

A) Around 2.5%

B) Around 1%

C) Around 4.5%

D) Less than 1%

Which of the following is NOT a criticism of the monoamine model of depression?

A) The models lacks specificity

B) The model does not predict the delayed time frame for mood

C) The model is based on the success of drugs in changing mood

D) The model does not predict receptor sensitivity changes

Which of the following is not information provided in DSM-IV-TR?

A) Essential features of the disorder

B) Associated features

C) A list of symptoms that must be present for diagnosis

D) Information on treatment options

Which of the following is not considered to be a cardinal feature of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?

A) Eccentric behavior marked by odd patterns of thinking and communication

B) An enduring pattern of instability in personal relationships

C) A lack of a well-defined and stable self image

D) Regular and unpredictable changes in mood 

The incidence of dementia in 65 to 80 years old is approximately …….and ……. respectively?

A) 37% and 67%

B) 17% and 37%

C) 7% and 27%

D) 27% and 57%

Which of the following characterizes the Normative Developmental Approach to childhood psychopathologies?

A) Focus on stability and consistency of the condition

B) Focus on age of onset of the condition

C) Focus on family history of the condition

D) Focus on behavioral manifestation of the condition

Which of the following is responsible for neuronal degeneration in Alzheimer type dementia?

A) Ubiquitin

B) Amyloid

C) Tau

D) Prion

According to Seligman 1971 specific phobias of certain stimuli can be explained by?

A) Associating those stimuli with a traumatic experience

B) An evolved tendency to acquire fear of those stimuli

C) Vicarious learning

D) Attentional biases to those stimuli

In replacement treatments benzodiazepines are used as replacement for which of the following?

A) Heroin and alcohol

B) Cocaine and heroin

C) Alcohol and barbiturates

D) All of these

Most current Alzheimer treatments work by altering levels of which neurotransmitter?

A) Dopamine


C) Noradrenaline

D) Acetylcholine

The term psychological dependence is used when:

A) It is clear that the individual has changed their life to ensure continued use of the drug

B) An individual’s activities are centered on the drug and its use

 C) Use leads to neglect of other important activities such as work, social and family commitments

 D) All of the above

Which of the following defines Beck’s cognitive triad?

A) Negative beliefs about self, world and future

B) Negative beliefs about self, world and others

C) Negative beliefs about self, others and future

D) Negative beliefs about present past and future

Which of the following has NOT been associated with psychosis?

A) Birth complications

B) Maternal stress

C) Child abuse

D) Large families

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A) Schizophrenia makes people violent

B) If you hear voices or hold delusional beliefs you have schizophrenia

C) Siblings of people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia are more likely to suffer mental health problems in their lifetime

D) People with a diagnosis of schizophrenia are more likely to commit murder than their non-schizophrenic peer group

The Whitehall study indicated an association between coronary heart disease and which of the following?

A) Lack of training for the job

B) Low job control

C) Anger management issues

D) Depression

Which of the following statements is FALSE?

A) Social anxiety is linked to genetic factors

B) Social anxiety is linked to overprotective parenting style

C) Social anxiety is more likely to manifest in adulthood

D) Social anxiety may result from early shaming experiences

In early Alzheimer’s Disease, which is NOT a common symptom:

A) Anomia

B) Hallucination

C) Social withdrawal

D) Anxiety

Which of the following has been associated with conduct disorder in adolescence?

A) Criminal behavior leading to a prison sentence

B) Psychosis

C) Antisocial personality disorder

D) All of these

Encouragement by spectators is a ……?

A) Social incentive

B) Reward incentive

C) Monetary incentive

D) Social competitive incentive

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