Lecturer Health & Physical Education Paper (20-12-2020) MCQs

Lecturer Health & Physical Education Paper (20-12-2020) MCQs for preparation.

Babar raided the Punjab from Afghanistan and finally defeated the last of Dehli Sultan , the Lodhis, at the Battle of Panipat in

  1. 1526
  2. 1556
  3. 1545
  4. 1530

Johan Dewey was the father of the theory :

  1. Pragmatism
  2. Socialism
  3. Both
  4. None

Rupal Glacier is located in ___ range ,Pakistan

  1. Himalaya
  2. Karakorum
  3. Hindu Kush
  4. Kohistan

First Chief of Staff of Pakistan Army:

  1. General Shareef
  2. General Tikka Khan
  3. Ayub Khan
  4. None

Atomic number was discovered by ___?

  1. Isaac Newton
  2. James chadwak
  3. Henry Moseley
  4. Albert Einstein

Muhammad bin Ismail Bukhari is the author of:

  1. Ibn e Maja
  2. Sahih Muslim
  3. Abu Dawood
  4. Sahih Bukhari

Karakorum highway in Pakistan starts from:

  1. Islamabad
  2. Taxila
  3. Hassan Abdal
  4. None

How many years did Nelson Mandela remain in prison?

  1. 23 Years
  2. 22 Years
  3. 24 Years
  4. 27 Years

What is excluded in Paragraph formatting

  1. Margin
  2. Header and footer
  3. Left intend
  4. None

A researcher is interested in studying why the new math of the 1960s failed.she interviews several teachers who use the new math during the 1960s .the teachers are considered as

  1. Primary source
  2. Secondary source
  3. Primary critics
  4. None

Where the Capital of Saudi Arabia is located:

  1. Hijaz
  2. Tehama
  3. Najad
  4. Aarooz

The synonym of REPRISAL is

  1. Relief
  2. Pardon
  3. Retaliation
  4. Remission
  5. All of these

Full form of EXIF

  1. Exchangeable image file finish
  2. Exchangeable Image File Format
  3. Both
  4. None

The average age of 24 students in a classis 10,if the teachers age is included , the average increase by one .what is the age of teacher

  1. 30
  2. 35
  3. 75
  4. 29

The fruits without seed, like banana, are called_____?

  1. Parthenogenesis fruits
  2. Parthenocarpic fruits
  3. Seedless fruits
  4. None

Longest muscle in human body :

  1. Sartorius
  2. Biceps
  3. Deltoid
  4. None

in which qualitative research approach is the primary goal to gain access to individuals’ inner world of experience?

  1. Ethnography
  2. Case study
  3. Phenomenology
  4. Grounded theory

In which of the following transports processes is the substance to its electrochemical gradient?

  1. Sodium out of nerve cell
  2. Glucose into adipose tissue
  3. Both
  4. None

In cricket terminology ‘trimmer is referred to as ?

  1. A delivery that knock off the bails only
  2. A delivery that knock off
  3. Both
  4. None

In cardiac cycle what is the ratio of ventricle systole and ventricle diastole?

  1. 0.1 sec/0.7 sec
  2. 0.2 sec/0.8 sec
  3. 0.3 sec/0.5 sec
  4. None

If systole pressure is 120 mmHg , diastole pressure is 90 mmHg, atrial pressure is 0 mmHg, cardiac output is 5 L/min, and stroke volume is 50 ml, then which of the following values is correct?

  1. Mean systemic arterial pressure is 110 mmHg
  2. Heart rate is 72/mm
  3. Both
  4. None

Which of following phrase best describes ” ethnocentric “?

  1. Judging people from different culture according to the standard of others
  2. Judging people from different culture according to the standard of your own
  3. An external, social scientific view of reality
  4. none

Which US president started fitness movement?

  1. President Roosevelt
  2. President Eisenhower
  3. President Obama
  4. Johnson

Who considered ‘Science of activities for an individual in relation to his environment?

  1. John Milton
  2. William Shakespeare
  3. William James
  4. None

Who is said to be the father of Philosophy of idealism ?

  1. Plato
  2. Socrates
  3. Aristotle
  4. Galan

Who won the title of US Open Tennis in Women Singles 2020?

  1. N.Osaka
  2. S. Williams
  3. V Williams
  4. M. Sharapova

Who won the title of US Open Tennis in Men Singles 2020?

  1. D.Thiem
  2. R,F ederer
  3. R.Nadal
  4. None

Al Jazeera Television Channel belongs to: ;

  1. Egypt
  2. Qatar
  3. UAE
  4. UK

Milo of Greece training principle was?

  1. overload
  2. Progression
  3. Progression and overload
  4. None

Which school of philosophy of education stresses of direct study of individual in relation to his environment?

  1. Political realism
  2. Religious realism
  3. Social realism
  4. None

Which of the following physiological changes is most likely to occur after severl weeks of regular participation in cross training activities such as swimming and jogging?

  1. Improved ration of high density lipoproteins to low density lipoproteinsins
  2. low density lipoproteins
  3. Improved ration of high density lipoproteins to High density lipoproteinsins
  4. None

The value between left atrium left ventricle is?

  1. Atrium Valve
  2. Right atrium Valve
  3. Left atrium Valve
  4. Mitral Valve

Which flexibility training method tricks receptors organs in the muscles and joints allowing the limbs to increase their range of movements?

  1. Proprioceptors
  2. Proprioceptors Neuromuscular Facilitation
  3. Neuromuscular Facilitation
  4. None

LSD training can be provide an athlete relief from high intensity training?

  1. Training
  2. Fartlek Training
  3. Fartlek
  4. None

Violence associated with the competition sports is mainly due to?

  1. The very nature of competitive sport
  2. The very nature of sports
  3. Both
  4. None

___ is the set of procedure to explain or predict the values of DV based on the value of one per more four:

  1. Regression analysis
  2. Restricted analysis
  3. Both
  4. None

To introduce students to the rhythmic use of locomotive skill; it would be more appropriate to design pattern that include hopping rather than skipping because?

  1. Hoping involve one count
  2. Hoping involve one count and skipping involve two counts
  3. skipping involve two counts
  4. None

Which of following events constituted penthalon in ancient Olympics ?

  1. Running,jumping
  2. javelin,discus
  3. wrestling
  4. All above mentioned

The first line treatment recommended for long distance exhausted athlete is ?

  1. Artificial respiration
  2. Massage
  3. Chemotherapy
  4. Cryotherapy

Which game was developed by ” The English Rounders ” by Abner Doubleday in 1839

  1. Basketball and Volleyball
  2. Volleyball and Netball
  3. Netball and Basketball
  4. Baseball

“Half Nelson ” associated with

  1. Gold
  2. Bridge
  3. Wressling
  4. Polo

Decreased performance in the beginning but gradual improvement is indicated by /

  1. Concave graph
  2. Convex graph
  3. Both
  4. None

The Olympic cup, initiated by IOC president Baron in 1906 is awarded to ?

  1. An institute that contributes to the development of sports
  2. The country which top the medals telly in Olympic
  3. The country which top sports telly in Olympic
  4. None

Which of following is not an advantage of studying multiple cases ?

  1. Cost is lower and depth of analysis’s easier when you study multiple cases in a single research study
  2. Cost is lower and depth of analysis’s easier when you study multiple cases in a double research study
  3. Both
  4. None

Grand Prix is associated with?

  1. Table Tennis
  2. Lawn tennis
  3. Both
  4. Table tennis, lawn tennis and Shooting

Orangutans belong to the ape family .From which language is the name Orangutan take

  1. Bahasa Malay
  2. Chinese
  3. Swahili
  4. Zulu

Maximum volume of air forcefully expired after minimum inspiration is called .

  1. Vital capacity
  2. Tidal capacity
  3. Minute volume
  4. None

The Olympic flame symbolize

  1. Sports as means of creating harmony
  2. Speed perfection and strength
  3. Unity among various nations
  4. Continuity between the ancient and modern games

Top spin in cricket causes?

  1. Higher rebound
  2. Rebound to the left
  3. Rebound to right
  4. All

The tendency of female adolescents to exhibit greater motor control on a balance beam than male adolescents are largely due to females:

  1. Narrow Hips relative to shoulder width
  2. Lower center of gravity
  3. Longer legs relative to total height
  4. None

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