Lecturer English Past Papers 2015

Lecturer English Past Papers 2015 for preparation. ( ARID PMS AJKPSC )

Spoken (بولا ہوا) synonym?

A) Vocal

B) Written

C) Aural

D) Unspoken

Close Shave means?

A) Hair’s breadth

B) by the skin of one’s teeth

C) Narrow escape

D) All of these

Paradoxical (وہ بات جو بظاہر غلط مگر حقیقت میں صحیح ہو ) synonym?

A) Productive

B) Contradictory

C) Productive

D) Fair

Circumvent (روکاٹ) means?

A) Hate

B) Seek

C) Avoid

D) Choose

Pique (اچانک غصے میں آنا) synonym?

A) Question

B) Delay

C) Arouse

D) Grow

Zenith (عروج) antonym?

A) Pinnacle

B) Nadir

C) Afford

D) Naught

Grotesque (بگڑی ہوئی شکل) antonym?

A) Archaic

B) Whimsical

C) Graceful

D) Mild

Antonym of Pull the rug from under is?

A) To use influence

B) Abruptly ruin

C) For a loop

D)To knock down

Acumen (چالاک) antonym?

A) Plain; bland; unadorned; austere

B) Ignorance; ineptness; stupidity

C) Noticeable; obvious; conspicuous

D) Bending; flexible; pliable

Patrician (سرپرست) antonym?

a) Common; bourgeois; unrefined; lower-class

B) Boss; superior; chief; leader

C) Authentic; doubtless; real; true

D) Break; separation; division

Choose the correct sentence?

A) You’ll be shocked when I tell you who called me last night.

B) You’ll be shocked when I tell you whom called me last night.

C) You’ll be shocked when I tell you what called me last night.

D) You’ll be shocked when that I tell you who called me last night.

Which of these sentences does not contain an adverb?

A) The child ran happily towards his mother

B) Sara walked to the shops

C) The mother gently woke the sleeping baby

D) I visited my mum yesterday

The ……. sounded lame to her and she did not want to give in?

A) Promises

B) Observations

C) Excuses

D) Statements

The ……. of the Minister’s statement cannot be verified by people who have no access to official reports?

A) Ambiguity

B) Verbosity

C) Validity

D) Veracity

You need to consider the ……. before you make a decision?

A) Odds and ends

B) Tooth and nail

C) Pros and cons

D) Safe and sound

In the landscape so calm and beautiful, it was hard to believe that anything ……. could occur?

A) Untoward

B) Temperate

C) Halcyon

D) Seemly

Time flies ……..?

A) Like a knife

B) Like wings

C) Like an arrow

D) A blizzard

Paradoxically, the more ……. the details Noor chooses, the more able is she to depict her pictures to landscapes?

A) Fanciful

B) Meritorious

C) Realistic

D) Illustrated

Fancy the happiness ……. Pinocchio ……. finding himself free?

A) off, on

B) of, while

C) of, on

D) about, on

The misunderstanding ……. the two parties was ……. a scheduling conflict?

A) among, upon

B) between, over

C) about, on

D) among, on

Except for eggs, which rarely go in …… price, the cost of groceries is going ……. of sight?

A) cut, up

B) down, out

C) down, up

D) up, out

The novel as a vehicle for psychological analysis rather than the recounting of events, became the realm literary roan in mid ……. century?

A) 18th century

B) 19th century

C) 20th century

D) 21st century

After graduating in 1931 Ahmed Ali earned his living as a

A) Lecturer

B) Novelist

C) Short-sexy writer

D) Ambassador

The conflict of life with the forces of experience places Dickens an heir to the ……?

A) Classical Poets

B) Neo-classic Poets

C) Romantic Poets

D) Elizabeth’s Poets

” ……. It is a sort of poetical chronicle.” At the end one has the feeling that poetry and daily life have got parted, and will never come together again …….” Which work of Ahmed All is Forster referring to?

A) Rats and Diplomats

B) Ocean of Night

C) The Golden Tradition

D) Twilight in Delhi

…… represented to feelings of an age anxious about the miserable conditions of its children and inspired others to make a similar protest?

A) Tess (Thomas Hardy)

B) Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens)

C) Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)

D) Middle march (George Eliot)

Which poem of Frost does the line ‘good fences make good neighbors’ remind you of?

A) Mending Walls

B) After apple picking

C) Birches

D) Road not to taken

Following ……. model of pretending to defend the October Revolution. Orwell protests at the corruption of Communism’s ideas in the Soviet Union by Stalin?

A) Bolshevik’s

B) Trotsky’s

C) Lenin’s

D) Kereasky’s

Which of the following is NOT a technique of comedy?

A) Plot complications

B) Verbal humor

C) Strong emphasis on suspense

D) Comedy of character

A word that sounds like the right word but means something quite different is known as?

A) Witticism

B) Epigram

C) Pun

D) Pathos

Which literary form,developed in the fifteenth century, personified vices and virtues?

A) Heroic epic

B) Morality play

C) The romance

D) The short story

Postcolonial Literature addresses …….?

A) The new cultural identity of the colonies

B) Travelogues

C) Biographies

D) Autobiography

According to ……. the novels of the eighteen forties do not reflect the respective society but they try to define it and in their attempt at defining the society they also participate in the common social process?

A) Samuel Johnson

B) Raymond Williams

C) T.S. Eliot

D) Huxley

The sonnet on ……. records a moment of vision in which Wordsworth for once is able to achieve satisfactory ordering of the complexities of the city?

A) Reverie of Poor Susan

B) Westminster Bridge (1802)

C) I traveled among unknown men

D) When I have memory

George Orwell continues the great ironic tradition of ……. and others?

A) Lewis Carol

B) Daniel Defoe

C) Voltaire

D) Swift

Philosophically Shelley was a follower of ……, holding the world of appearances less real than the world of underlying Forms and Ideas?

A) Aristotle

B) Sophocles

C) Plato

D) Zone

Byron sealed his European reputation as a rebel by his death while supporting …… the against the Turks?

A) Mustafa Kamal

B) The Greek Revolt

C) The Iran Revolt

D) The Turkish Revolt

Keats wrote his six great odes ……?

A) Between 1816 to 1819

B) Between December and January 1014

C) Between April and September 1819

D) Between May and June 1817

Between 1349-1350. England lost nearly half of the population to?

A) Plague

B) Yellow Fever

C) Earthquake

D) Black Death

……, the Wife of Bath’s fame derives from Character’s deft characterization of her as a brassy, woman?

A) Alice

B) Alisoun

C) Annetle

D) Amy

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