GENERAL KNOWLEDGE SET-1 for preparation.

OIC Changed its name from Organization of the Islamic Conference to Organization of Islamic Cooperation in ___?

A. 1991
B. 1999
C. 2001
D. 2011

Which country has the largest Foreign debts?

A. Russia
B. China
C. Mexico

Where was the highest temperature on Earth recorded?

A. United States
B. Libya
C. Israel
D. Pakistan

Largest stadium of athletics of Pakistan was present in:

A. Lahore
B. Islamabad
C. Multan
D. Karach

‘Order of Cloud and Banner’ is the most prestigious military award of:

A. Japan
B. China
C. India
D. South Korea

World longest street is:

A. Yonge street
B. Wall street
C. Fleet street
D. Lombard street

Autopsy is connected with:

A. Post-mortem
B. Cancer
C. Study of living cells
D. None of these

Kamran’s Bara-Dari in Lahore named after:

A. Baur’s father
B. Hamayun’s brother
C. Sher Shah Suri’s father
D. Akbar’s Uncle

‘Hamayun Nama’ was written by

A. Altaf Gauhar
B. Noor Jehan
C. Emperor Akbar
D. Gulbaden Begum

Saudi Billionaire Osama bin Laden made his money through which business?

A. Weapons trading
B. Construction
C. Petroleum trading
D. Drug trafficking

Burgeon glacier is located in:

A. China
B. Nepal
C. India
D. Chile

Which Continent is without glaciers?

A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Europe
D. Australia

Rome, the capital of Italy is located beside the river:

A. Danube
B. Tiber
C. Rhine
D. Po

What is the length of the shortest river in the world ‘Roe River’?

A. 61 meters
B. 65 meters
C. 69 meters
D. 71 meters

Which is the shortest river in the world?

A. Mekong
B. Lena
C. Congo
D. Roe River

Who was the founder of the oil company Shell?

A. Marcus Samuel
B. Charles Saatchi
C. Darryl W. Handy
D. Norman Kittson

February 5 observed annually as

A. Black Day
B. Maritime Day
C. Accession Day
D. Kashmir Solidarity Day

Reader’s Digest magazine was first published in:

A. 1898
B. 1900
C. 1920
D. 1922

DeWitt Wallace was the founder of the magazine:

A. Time
B. Forbes
C. Newsweek
D. Reader’s Digest

Which states of the USA are called ‘Mother of States’?

A. Alaska
B. Virginia
C. Texas
D. California

‘Canterbury Tales’ was written by:

A. Ernest Hemingway
B. Geoffrey Chaucer
C. Harold Robbins
D. Jane Austin

Name the author who created who ‘The Adventure of Tom Sawyer’?

A. Chaucer
B. Sinclair Lewis
C. Mark Twin
D. James Barrier

Which of the following Rivers do not flow in Africa?

A. Nile
B. Congo
C. Zamberi
D. Tigris

Un General Assembly meets every year for the new session in which month?

A. August
B. September
C. October
D. November

Ancient city of Byzantium is today known as:

A. Ankara
B. Istanbul
C. Izmir
D. Antalya

In South Asia, the highest per capita income is in:

A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Sri Lanka
D. Maldives

‘Pre-emptive attack’ is an:

A. attack with chemical weapons
B. attack before enemy’s attack
C. attack with conventional weapons
D. diplomatic pressure on the rival country

United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blinx belongs to:

A. Norway
B. Sweden
C. Italy
D. France

Paktiya, on Pakistan’s border, is a province of:

A. Iran
B. Afghanistan
C. Tajikistan
D. None of these

Hawaii and Guam in the pacific are the states of:

B. Canada
C. Mexico
D. None of these

The country that does not keep any standing armies is:

A. Switzerland
B. Philippines
C. Canada
D. None of these

Ho Chi Minh was the independence leader of ____.

A. Thailand
B. Philippines
C. Vietnam
D. Myanmar

Aden is a port city of ____.

A. Oman
B. Eritrea
C. Yemen
D. Djibouti

Ahmed Khan Kharal of Neeli Bar was a ____.

A. Freedom Fighter
B. Punjabi Poet
C. Historian
D. Mughal Architect

Which country is situated below sea level?

A. New Zealand
B. Netherlands
C. Australia
D. Japan

The first artificial satellite was launched by:

A. Russia
B. France
C. Japan
D. America

Which is the largest lake of the world?

A. Caspian sea
B. Superior lake
C. Huron lake
D. Aral sea

Name the biggest sea of the world is:

A. Caribbean Sea
B. South China Sea
C. Mediterranean Sea
D. Baltic Sea

Who was the first Chinese national in space?

A. Yang Liwei
B. Miroslaw
C. Zhai Zhigang
D. None of these

Which is the largest gulf?

A. Arabian Gulf
B. Gulf of Mexico
C. Gulf of Oman
D. None of them

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