Assistant Director FIA (2020)

Assistant Director FIA (2020) ( PPSC FPSC NTS CSS AJKPSC KPPSC SPSC )

The chemical name of table salt is?

A) Potassium chloride

B) Sodium chloride

(C) Oxygen

D) Sodium phosphate  

The blood vessels that take oxygenated blood from the heart to the body are called?

A) Veins

B) Capillaries

C) Arteries

D) None of the above

Deficiency of vitamin A causes?

A) Loss of appetite

B) Night blindness

C) Thought infection

D) Both A and B

Who invented the telephone?

A) Samuel F.B. Morse

B) Alexander Graham Bell

C) Thomas Savery

D) Karl Benz

The amount of matter in an object is called?

A) Mass

B) Space

C) Volume

D) Density

Light year is a unit of?

A) Light

B) Energy

C) Gas

D) Distance

Diamond is composed of a single element?

A) Sulpher

B) Carbon

D) Helium

D) Uranium

Another name of Vitamin C is?

A) Ascorbic Acid

B) Carbohydrates

C) Riboflavin

D) Enzymes

Hepatitis A is transmitted to different individuals by?

A) Blood transmission

B) Air

C) Water

D) Hand shaking

Study of plants is called?

A) Botany

B) Entomology

C) Biology

D) Anthropology

Substances that allow current to pass through are?

A) Conductors

B) Inductors

C) Insulators

D) wires

A member of the Agency not below the rank of a Sub-Inspector may, for the purposes of any inquiry or investigation under this Act, exercise any of the powers of?

A) The Assistant Commissioner or Magistrate under Section 35 of PPC in his area of duty

B) An officer-in-charge of a Police Station in any area in which he is for the time being

C) A unit commander of a regiment of armed forces in the area of deployment of the unit

D) None of  these

The members of the Agency have such duties, privileges, and liabilities as?

A) The officers of a Provincial Police have in relation to the investigation of offenses under the Code

B) The officers of a military unit have in relation to military personnel charged with an offence

C) The officers of Railways, Shipping and Aviation in respect of disorderly passengers on board

D) None of these

The members of the Agency have powers to?

A) Forceful entry into a roost of criminals

B) Use of corporal punishment for investigation

C) Search, arrest of persons and seizure of property

D) None of these

As per FIA Act, 1974, The Superintendence of the Agency shall vest in the?

A) Federal Government

B) Provincial Government

C) Federal and Provincial governments jointly

D) None of these

FIA was constituted as an Agency to conduct inquiry into and investigate the offences specified in?

A) Pakistan Penal Code (XLV of 1860) in respect of criminal offence but not for cases of civil nature

B) The Schedule, including an attempt or conspiracy to commit, and abetment of, any such offence

C) Crimes cognizable in violation of the law of the land, or those in contravention of a jirga agreement

D) None of these

Clocks, which moves with the velocities comparable with the velocity of light, run?

A) Equal to velocity of sound

B) Slow

C) Equal to the velocity of light

D) None of these

The animal which captures and readily kills living animals for its food is called?

A) Parasite

B) Scavenger

C) Predator

D) None of these

In a railway track, two rails are joined end to end with a gap in between them because?

A) Steel can be saved

B) Accidents due to contraction in winter can be avoided

C) Accidents due to expansion in summer can be avoided

D) None of these

Name the famous book of Ibn-Sena in which he discussed human physiology and medicine is?

A) Al-Qanoon

B) AI-Masudi

C) New Renaissance

D) None of these

When Mr. Z.A. Bhutto launched a new constitution in the country?

A) 11th August 1973

B) 14th August 1973

C) 17th August 1973

D) None of these

Who abrogated 1962 constitution and became CMLA?

A) Gen. Tikka Khan

B) Gen. Ahsan Khan

C) Gen Mansoor Khan

D) Gen Yahya Khan

When the constitution of 1962 was abrogated?

A) 25 March 1969

B) 29 March 1969

C) 4 April 1969

 D) 14 April 1969

Which kind of system of Government was introduced by the 1962 constitution?

A) Autonomous

B) Presidential

C) Bicameral

D) Confidence

What was the official language declared in 1962 constitution?

A) Urdu

B) Bengali

C) Hindi

D) Both A and B

When Ayub Khan enforced a new constitution in Pakistan?

A) 9th January 1962

B) 6th February 1962

C) 8th June 1962

D) None of these

When the first constitution was abrogated and Martial Law was proclaimed?

A) May 1958

B) June 1958

C) October 1958

D) None of these

Who abrogated 1956 constitution?

A) Ayub Khan

B) Tikka Khan

C) Yahya Khan

D) Iskander Mirza

What was the official language declared in 1956 constitution?

A) Urdu

B) Bengali

C) Hindi

D) Both A and B

In respect of religion what term was set for President and Prime Minister in the 1956 constitution?

A) He may be a Muslim

B) He must not be Hindu

C) He must not be Christian

D) He must be a Muslim (this condition applicable only on president, PM may be non-Muslim)

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