PHYSICS MCQS for preparation. (CSS FPSC IBA )

Neglecting the effect of air resistance how long a stones takes to dropped off a 125m high building stand’s on the ground, take g = 10m/s2?

A. 3 Sec
B. 4 Sec
C. 18 Sec
D. 5 Sec

A body is moving with momentum of 100kg m/s. what is the magnitude of force required to stop body in 25 sec?

A. 4 N
B. 25 N
C. 100 N
D. 1500 N

If the temperature of a place increases suddenly, the relative humidity:

A. Increases
B. Remains constant
C. Fluctuates
D. Decreases

Who enunciated the laws of planetary motion?

A. Isaac Newton
B. Galileo
C. Johannes Kepler
D. Nicolaus Copernicus

Light beam which is highly directional is called:

A. Laser
B. Maser
C. Eraser
D. Grazer

Blowing air with open pipe is an example of:

A. Isobaric Process
B. Isothermal Process
C. Adiabatic Process
D. Isochronic Process

Distance of stars are measured in:

A. Cosmic Kilometre
B. Galactic Unit
C. Light Year
D. Stellar Mile

The layer of atmosphere used for radio wave transmission is:

A. Ionosphere
B. Troposphere
C. Chromosphere
D. Stratosphere

Which of the following is the smallest unit of length?

A. Micron
B. Nanometer
C. Fermimeter
D. Angstram

When two persons talk to each other, then sound for how much decibel is produced?

A. 5 decibel
B. 10 decibel
C. 30 decibel
D. 100 decibe

The centre of gravity of a sprinter during the race lies:

A. Ahead of his feet
B. At the center of the body
C. To the left side of the body
D. Behind his feet

The slope of a velocity-time graph represents:

A. Distance
B. Speed
C. Acceleration
D. Displacement

The Speed of Light in a Vacuum is:

A. 5000,282 Miles per Second
B. 100,000 Miles per Second
C. 186,282 Miles per Second
D. None of the Above

A free-falling object has an acceleration of ___.

A. 343 m/s
B. 9.80 km/s2
C. 9.80 m/s2
D. 9.80 cm/s2

The regions of the spring in which spring is stretched more than its normal position are known as?

A. Rarefactions
B. Compressions
C. Troughs
D. Crests

A mass attached with a spring vibrates up and down produces?

A. Longitudinal Periodic Waves
B. Transverse Periodic Waves
C. Both a & b
D. None of these

Which type of wave can be set in Solids?

A. Longitudinal Waves
B. Transverse Waves
C. Both a & b
D. None of these

Which one of the following is an example of resonance?

A. Swing
B. Turning a radio
C. Microwave Oven
D. All of these

To access the total uncertainty or error, it is necessary to evaluate the likely uncertainties in?

A. Any Factor Involved in that Calculation
B. Dominant Factor Involved in that Calculation
C. All Factors Involved in that Calculation
D. Any of them

Calorie is a unit of which of the following?

A. Food Intake
B. Diet
C. Quantity of Heat
D. All of these

A body has weight of 30N with the value of gravitational acceleration 10m/s^2. What is the mass of the body?

A. 300 kg
B. 3 kg
C. 30 kg
D. 0.3 kg

The SI unit of magnetic induction is:

A. Webber
B. Webber per meter
C. Henry
D. Tesla

Which of the following substance will be most suitable for the Transformer core?

A. Soft iron
B. Nickel
C. Steal
D. Copper

As the charge flows through the conductor energy is dissipated in the form of:

A. Light
B. Heat
C. Solar energy
D. None of these

The temperature at which the value of resistivity falls to zero is called:

A. Lowest temperature
B. Zero temperature
C. Critical temperature
D. Absolute zero temperature

The current per unit area is called:

A. Current density
B. Electric charge
C. Potential difference
D. Resistance

The rate of flow of Electric charge through the surface is known as:

A. Charge
B. Electric Current
C. Power
D. Voltage

If an electron has an initial velocity in a direction different from that of an electric field, the path of the electron is:

A. A parabola
B. An ellipse
C. A Circle
D. A straight line

An electric field can deflect:

A. X-rays
B. Neutrons
C. Alpha-particles
D. Gama-rays

When the distance between two charged particles is halved, the force between them becomes:

A. One – Half
B. Four Times
C. Double
D. Remain Same

Which of the following law governs the force between electric charges?

A. Ampere’s law
B. Coulomb’s law
C. Newton’s law
D. Ohm’s law

Concept of electric field theory was introduced by which of the following Scientists?

A. Dalton
B. Michael Faraday
C. Kepler
D. Nelson Mandela

The SI unit of Capacitance is:

A. Newton
B. Farad
C. Joule
D. Capability

The average K.E of all the molecules in a substance is a measure of the following?

A. Boiling Point
B. Heat Energy
C. Temperature
D. Specific Heat

The temperature scales Kelvin and Fahrenheit show the same reading at what temperature?

A. -57.37°
B. 5.74.20°
C. 574.25 °
D. -574.25°

Absolute zero is considered to be the temperature at which:

A. All gases become liquids
B. Water freezes
C. Molecular motion in gases would cease
D. All liquids become gases

Which of the following temperature on the Fahrenheit scale corresponds to absolute zero?

A. 212° F
B. 60°F
C. -450° F
D. -460° F

One degree of temperature scale centigrade (Celsius) is equal to Fahrenheit?

A. 1° of Fahrenheit
B. 1.8° of Fahrenheit
C. 32° of Fahrenheit
D. 3.5° of Fahrenheit

The normal temperature of the human body is 37 C°. On Kelvin scale, it is equal to:

A. 373 K
B. 273 K
C. 310 K
D. 236 K

The temperature scales Centigrade and Fahrenheit have the same reading at:

A. 140°
B. -43°
C. -40°
D. 50°

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