Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs May 2022

Pakistani climber Shehroze Kashif, 26, on 5 May 2022, made history by becoming the youngest person in the world and first in Pakistan to reach the summit of Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest peak 8,586 m (28,169 ft) in Nepal. Pakistan ranked 157th in RSF’s World Press Freedom Index report 2022. United Nations lists Pakistan among 23 … Read more

Pakistan Current Affairs April 2022

Important Pakistan current affairs April 2022 for competitive exams preparation online. No-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan was rejected on 3rd April 2022. President Dr Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on Prime Minister advice under Article 58 of the Constitution on 3 April 2022. Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri dismissed the no-trust resolution against … Read more

Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs March 2022

Important Pakistan current affairs mcqs March 2022 for all competitive exams preparation. KP completed second phase of local government elections in 18 district on 31st Match 2022. Usman Wazeer is the first international boxer from Gilgit Baltistan. Pakistan’s girl Emma Alam won the 13th World Speed Reading Championships finals. Riz Ahmed a British-Pakistani becomes first … Read more

MCQs of Pak Study

Important MCQs of Pak study dates and year in Pakistan history for competitive exams. 712– Muhammed Bin Qasim Conquered Sindh 1000– Mahmud Ghaznvi first invasion in India 1025– Ghazni attack on Somnat Temple 1030 – Kitab ul Hind written by Al Biruni 1191 – First Battle of Tarain 1192 – Second Battle of Tarain 1206 … Read more

Pak Study MCQs

Important Pak Study MCQs, Pak Study One liner history from 712 A.D – 2022 A.D and Online Quizzes. Why Pak Study MCQs Pakistan history is the most important part of our syllabus. While the history is a lengthy topic, so we have included all the most important events, dates and years so as you to … Read more

Pakistan Study MCQs

Most repeated Pakistan Study MCQs for preparation of Pakistan history classes and all competitive exams. First Muslim invader in India was (A). Qutbuddin Aybak (B). Muhammad Ghazni (C). Muhammad Bin Qasim (D). None of These When Muhammad Bin Qasim conquered Sindh? (A). 173 A.D.  (B). 716 A.D. (C). 712 A.D. (D). None of These Who … Read more

English Synonym Quiz

This English Synonym Quiz consist twenty multiple choice question. Resource: Past Papers English Questions. English Synonym Quiz It is recommended to submit the quiz at the end. After submission you can view your acquired percentage and other participant average percentage. This English synonym quiz will help you to improve your English mcqs part for upcoming … Read more


There will be Twenty (20) URDU MCQs in each section of quizzes. Question Resources: Past Papers After the “Quiz Submission” you will see your acquired percentage, participants competitive aspirant average percentage and link to the next quiz. Urdu MCQs Quiz 1 Urdu MCQs Quiz 2 Urdu MCQs Quiz 3 Urdu MCQs Quiz 4 Urdu MCQs … Read more

Pak studies mcqs online test

This Pak studies mcqs online test include 20 multiple choice questions. Maximum allowed time for this quiz is 20 minutes. Don’t forget to “Submit Quiz” to check your Pak study preparation and acquired marks and percentage.