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All English MCQS for preparation. ( AJKPSC KPPSC SPSC )

A boy is waiting for you for a long time in this sentence the word boy is?

A. Proper Noun
B. Common Noun
C. Abstract Noun
D. Collective Noun

One Word Substitute: Triumvirate?

A. A Group of Four Powerful People
B. A Group of Five Powerful People
C. A Group of Three Powerful People
D. None of these

One Word Substitute: Alumnus?

A. A former Student of School
B. A former Student of College
C. A former Student of University
D. All of these

One Word Substitute: Alumnus?

A. A former Student of School
B. A former Student of College
C. A former Student of University
D. All of these

One word Substitution: Hanger

A. A building where Audience Sits
B. A building in which Aircrafts are Housed
C. A Den for Small Animals
D. None of these

A style in which writer makes a display of his knowledge?

A. Ornate
B. Pompous
C. Verbose
D. Pedantic

A person who insists on something?

A. Stickler
B. Boaster
C. Disciplinarian
D. Instantaneous

That which can not be corrected?

A. Illegible
B. Indelible
C. Incorrigible
D. Unintelligible

One word Substitute: Epicure?

A. One Who is more than a Hundred Years Ago
B. One Who is given to Pleasure of the Flesh
C. One who is Habitual Drunked
D. None of these

Choose the appropriate prefix for the “Counter” to change its meaning.

A. Le-
B. De-
C. In-
D. En-

A person fluent in two languages is known as ____.

A. Bilgamy
B. Bilingual
C. Brittle
D. None of these

This watch___ very much.

A. Will not coasting
B. Will not cost
C. Had not cost
D. was not cost

She ___ any noise.

A. Did not hear
B. Was not hear
C. Is not heard
D. None

Sorry, I ___ go to the library. I’ve been planning to study all day.

A. Was
B. Will
C. Were
D. Am

They ____ their meals before the guests arrived.

A. Has taken
B. Had taken
C. Take
D. Taken

I was sitting in the cafe when you __ me.

A. Call
B. Called
C. Will call
D. Calling

I ___ put up some pictures.

A. Am going to
B. Going to
C. Shall be
D. Am

He ___ a bike when he met an accident.

A. Is riding
B. Was riding
C. Riding
D. none

They would have been late if they ____ a taxi.

A. Take
B. Had not taken
C. Not had taken
D. Taken

I ____ tea when the door bell rang.

A. Made
B. Making
C. Was making
D. None of these

The meeting ___ by the time we gather.

A. End
B. Will have ended
C. Will end
D. Have end

My mother ___ to me for ten years.

A. Was not writing
B. Has not been writing
C. Not write
D. None of these

The bus moved while I ___ it.

A. Am boarding
B. Boarded
C. Was boarding
D. Board

People were _____ kites.

A. Flew
B. Flying
C. Flies
D. None of these

Last summer, we ____ many places.

A. Visited
B. Visit
C. Visits
D. Was visit

Why were they ____ on foot?

A. Walk
B. Walking
C. Walks
D. None of these

We had not ____ him before.

A. See
B. Seen
C. Before
D. None of these

He ____ to my letter.

A. Is not replying
B. Are not replying
C. Replying
D. All

How long ago you ___ here?

A. Came
B. Come
C. Coming
D. Comes

They already _____ their home task.

A.  Have done
B. Are doing
C. Did
D. None

They ____ their work regularly.

A. Do not do
B. Are doing
C. Did
D. Doing

You ___ it.

A. Will not understand
B. Did not understand
C. Will not be understand
D. None of these

They ____ cards for six hours.

A.  Had been playing
B. Is playing
C. Has been playing
D. Will playing

Aslam ___ for three hours.

A. Swim
B. Has been swimming
C. Was swimming
D. Is swimming

They _____ hard all day.

A. Working
B. Work
C. Has work
D. Had work

They took their breakfast after they ____ their hands.

A. Washed
B. Had washed
C. Washing
D. None

These mangoes _____ the market by April.

A. Had reached
B. Will have reached
C. Reaches
D. None of these

He _____ tea every morning.

A. Takes
B. Take
C. Taking
D. None

I asked her what places she ____ in Europe.

A. Visit
B. Had visits
C. Is visited
D. Shall visit

She _____ the piano since 2 O’clock.

A. Played
B. Playing
C. Has been playing
D. Is playing

She ____ anything before he left.

A. Not said
B. Had not said
C. Will not say
D. Has not say

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